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Memories Of Patsy Cline

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The Patsy Cline Tribute show is divided into two sections for the comfort of your patrons.
The performance includes lots of beautiful costumes & great songs to relive all those great memories.

In the mid twentieth century, a little woman with a big voice stood on a stage and started singing songs. Nothing unusual about that, except that these lyrics were sung with such quality that it captured the attention and admiration of even the toughest audience members. A hush fell upon the room, as they became enthralled by what were to become timeless classics, sung by one of the greatest stars of country music. The little lady was Patsy Cline, and she was singing from her heart, songs that could bring a tear to the eye, like Crazy, Sweet Dreams, Walking After Midnight.
Today audiences can enjoy that same magical experience with our very own Patsy Cline, Barbara Thompson, in a show that has delighted audiences all over Australia, the magical “Memories of Patsy Cline” Show.
Barbara Thompson has been charming Australian country music audiences for over thirty years. Winner of numerous awards, Barbara has twice received the Wallace Award for Best Female Country Entertainer of the Year. Like Patsy Cline, Barbara has not only survived but thrived in the country music industry, and the Memories of Patsy Cline Show is where Barbara shines the brightest.
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