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Paris Dreaming

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Paris Dreaming Jazz

Paris Dreaming are Ewan Mackenzie and Kay Sullivan – they play acoustic guitar and accordion in French Gypsy Swing style, evoking the atmosphere of the Paris café scene of the 20th Century.

The Duos music ranges from Musette waltzes to Gypsy Jazz tunes, from American swing standards to their own self-penned compositions, which are melodic and evocative.
An evening with Ewan and Kay is a journey through some of the most romantic and delightful music ever written, played by virtuoso musicians with passionate intensity and dash of humour.

Ewan has been playing guitar for many years in all styles, and since devoting himself to the genre sometime ago has come to be regarded as one of Australia's premier Gypsy Jazz guitarists in the Django Reinhardt style. He is Artistic Director of the OzManouche Festival, a member of the Doch Gypsy Orchestra, and studied with Manouche Gypsy guitarist Lollo Meier in Holland. His playing is fluid and passionate, and his improvising is warm and articulate.

Kay thinks she may have been a gypsy accordionist in a previous incarnation, and after years playing at Bush Dances and country socials on the Darling Downs in Queensland where she has lived all her life. A charismatic performer, she has thrown herself into Gypsy Jazz accordion, playing with fire and passion.

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