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Swinging Martinis

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The Swinging Martinis are Johnny and Vinny who have been working together in various guises for nearly 20 years and does it show!

The Swinging Martinis share the same dress sense (nothing less than a tuxedo), the same love of good music and of course the same sense of humour that has entertained many audiences from Brisbane to Sydney to New Zealand to Cairns to Fiji to Hong Kong and back again!
The Swingin Martinis have performed for many major clients including: Mercedes, Microsoft, Toshiba, Caltex, QANTAS, A.M.P and Toyota to name a few, and recently had the opportunity to perform at the Qld Parliamentary Ball before a distinguished audience that included Sir Richard Branson, and Queensland Premier Peter Beattie amongst others.
With a show that is high energy, musically entertaining, interactive and a whole lot of fun, many clients have felt the urge to say "Dean and Jerry live again"!

The songs are mostly an ' up-beat' affair including such gems as: 'Save the last Dance for me 'New York, New York'' Delilah''Sway''Fly me to the moon' And of course everyone's favourite, 'That's Amore'
Although the boys work with pre-recorded backing music for their 40 - minute show, they can also extend the line-up to include ' Live' musicians if required.

So go on, if you're looking to give your function or corporate event that extra ' Swing' there is really only one choice, Ladies and Gentlemen, " The Swinging' Martinis'.

Swinging Martinis are suitable for all functions. For further Info contact BBES on 07 33505078.

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