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Cider House

cider house the music duo for weddings and cover bands in brisbane.

Cider House

Cider House formed as a duo roughly eighteen months ago with Rachel and Steve sharing the passion of playing a very high standard of well polished Celtic influenced songs and tunes.

The flexibility of Rachel’s voice and fiddle and Steve’s highly developed guitar technique lends itself beautifully to this style. Cider House’s approach to traditional music keeps it true to form but slightly modernises it with subtle jazz infusions. Their relaxed yet confident approach transfers across in public performances and ensures that clientele thoroughly enjoy themselves and the music.

For longer hotel or wedding orientated gigs the duo can enhance their performances with the choice of an extended range of music they enjoy. Cider House love to play a mixture of songs and styles by artists inclusive of The Beatles, The Kinks, Fine Young Cannibals, Joe Jackson, and a selection of other 60s, 70s and 80s songs. They also play some well known jazz standards and a selection of songs by singer/ songwriters such as James Taylor, John Martin, Richards Thompson and Tracy Chapman. The duo can even perform songs by a number of artists from around the period of the Great Depression including Jimmie Rogers and Leadbelly.
This variety gives Cider House the flexibility to tailor suit sets or gigs depending on what the employer requires and even to what the clientele are enjoying on the night.

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