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In March 2004, drummer Trent Bryson-Dean sat in on a gig with a Brisbane band called SCAT. Trent was very quickly impressed with the Keyboard playing of Chris Poulsen (Fender Rhodes) that day and vowed to Chris and bassist at the time - Jeremy O’Connor that he would book a gig for the jazz trio as soon as possibly.

True to his word, Trent was able to secure a gig for the trio at the Brisbane Powerhouse five months later in August. (With great wisdom he chose to name the group the Chris Poulsen Trio rather than name the group after himself – a mere drummer!) The gig proved to be a great success for the trio which they recorded onto a four track and released their first ep which the trio later sold at regular performances. “I don’t know if the guys believed me when I said that I would book us a gig, but nevertheless we were all very excited by the obvious chemistry and interplay that was going on! We realised we had become a band that had begun performing the music that was closest to each of our hearts.”

It just so happened that a venue owner was at the Powerhouse gig that night and in the coming weeks he approached the trio regarding some further gigs. Since this time the Chris Poulsen Trio have been regularly performing venues which include the Press club, Ric’s Bar and the Bowery to name a few. During this time the Chris Poulsen trio had written an album’s worth of original material which they later released as their full-length debut album entitled, ‘Tang!’ in. The Chris Poulsen Trio have also performed at the Queensland Music Festival, Valley Jazz festival, the Australian Gospel Music festival, and Parachute Festival in New Zealand.
With an energetic stage presence and an intriguing approach to composition, it's easy to understand why the Chris Poulsen Trio have gained such a large following since their inception. The trio combines funk, fusion, latin and bebop influences, resulting in an artistic and original sound that is very unique. Though only an instrumental three piece band, the Chris Poulsen Trio are full of dynamic colour and texture, appealing to audiences of a wide variety.

Chris Poulsen Trio Are;

Chris Poulsen (Fender Rhodes): Coming from a musical family, Chris Poulsen has always had a passion for performing jazz but initially began studying classical music until he reached his mid-teens when he began to have private lessons from nationally renowned pianist, Steve Newcomb. Chris sites Herbie Hancock and Brad Meldhau as his main ivory influences but also adds, “I really love listening to horn players, in particular, Wayne Shorter and Freddie Hubbard.” Chris also gains inspiration from visual, abstract art and “the relations of colour to musical tone.” He particularly enjoys the work of Russian abstract artist, Wassilly Kandisnsky. Until recently, Chris was an interior designer before giving up his job to continue pursuing his passion for music full-time.

Jeremy O’Connor (acoustic and electric basses): With a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Bass, Jeremy studied under heavy weights such as Helen Russell and Jon Diamond. Jeremy has been playing on the Brisbane band scene for over seven years with bands including Hot Mambo, SCAT and pupular corporate covers band - Honey. Jeremy has also toured internationally with international artists The Ten Tenors, and Andrew Ironside. He sites Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller and John Patitucci as his predominant bass playing influences.

Trent Bryson-Dean (drums): “I will be ever grateful for a mum who saw my incessant tapping as my wanting to play drums and not violin!” remarks Trent. Never having studied formally, Trent has always considered himself a student of music. His influences are as diverse as Chick Corea, John Scofiled and Keith Jarrett all the way through to Led Zeppelin, Living Colour and the Dave Matthews Band, Trent loves it all. “My favourite drummers are Vinnie Colaiuta, Jack Dejohnette, Bill Stewart, Zach Danziger and Dennis Chambers to name but a few!” Trent has performed as a subbing drummer throughout the Brisbane music scene for the last six years, Trent believes he has found his ‘musical home’ with the Chris Poulsen Trio.

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