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Swing Central

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“Celebrate the style and mood of the fabulous forties and fifties aboard this 1st Class musical journey with Swing Central”

Have you heard the latest Swing Sensation?

Pack up and come fly away with one of the best swing bands on the planet. Picture yourself dancing cheek to cheek with your loved one, to music of a time less hurried, where women adorned in hats and gloves were wooed by hansom strangers in the night. To a time when crooners like Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong were turning jazz into a popular art form.

Swing Central recreates the mood and ambience of the fabulous 40’s & 50’s, to celebrate the class and style of times gone by, For older folk, we hope to rekindle memories of the first time they heard these songs, and for the younger audience expose them to a style and elegance they’ve only seen in grainy black and white.

Indulge in a Martini, sit back and relax to the smooth crooning vocals of Mr Brad Leaver. As sophisticated and profound as anything by Tony Bennett, Brad combines Ph.D. Intellect with caveman machismo, mixed in a blender of pure swing, guaranteed to grab even the most Sinatra proof listener way down at the bottom of the soul. With the addition of some of Brisbane’s finest musicians, the results can only be described as breathtakingly authentic.

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