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Hot Mambo

Hot Mambo are Brisbane’s hottest Latin-Jazz dance band, whose infectious, high-energy grooves guarantee to bring any audience leaping to their feet and oozing on to the dance floor.

Hot Mambo perform a mix of traditional and contemporary Latin Style music. Hot Mambo’s repertoire features all the essential Latin rhythms from Cuba, Columbia and Brazil, ranging from the fiery Salsa all the waythrough to the cool and sexy Samba. The mix is well seasoned with funk and jazz elements from popular artists such as Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Sergio Mendes, Tito Puente and Hot Mambo’s original compositions.

The result is an amazing repertoire intuitively tailored to set fire to any audience, from Latin dance enthusiasts through to the rhythm dancing, and to the whole gamut of venues from formal corporate functions to the festival big-tops.

Hot Mambo’s secret ingredient is a strong grounding in jazz music. All of Hot Mambo’s members are accomplished musicians in their own right and bounce spontaneously and instinctively off each other in the jazz tradition. Hot Mambo have worked together since 1999, and its not hard to see why their performances are professional, polished, cohesive and dynamic.

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