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Grand Alpha Funk

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Brisbane's finest and most respected musicians have come together to form Grand Alpha Funk, the freshest, funkiest good time professional party band around!
The Grand Alpha Funk repertoire ranges from Top 40 hits,  Pop, Disco, Funk, R&B, HipHop, Jazz, Blues all the way through to Soul  Dinner Music.
Individually, Grand Alpha Funk are all seasoned professionals and collectively they’ve proven beyond any doubt, that 'the whole' really is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Grand Alpha Funk band members are;

Lead Vocals - Alan 'Al' Gibson
Alan is a front-man extraordinaire who is both Entertaining, energetic, charming, witty, dynamic. Everything you’d expect from a great front-man and more!

Lead Vocals & Saxophone - Ryan Brooks
Every great team has a versatile 'all-rounder' and Ryan is no exception.
Ryan is a absolute natural on any instrument he picks up.

Lead Guitar & Vocals -  Parrish Hinsley
Parish Hinsley has best been described as a guitar player who’s solos make your hair stand on end. People with heart and respiratory conditions are advised to avoid prolonged exposure!

Bass Guitar & Vocals - Nikki Aleman
Undoubtedly one of the hottest bass players in Brisbane! A virtuoso who is incredibly funky and sings like a bird.

Keyboards & Tenor Sax:  Jono 'Lightning' Bolt
Johno is best described as the mood manipulator. He colours and seamlessly bonds the melody to the groove and vice versa.

Drums & Percussion - Clinton Cochrane
The funky grooves start here and extend outwards in all directions!
Clinton is the epicenter of the Grand Alpha Funk universe who puts the 'rhythm' in rhythm section!

Percussion & Vocals - Chad Morro
Chad’s rhythm pulses and does what it's supposed to do, it makes you want to dance!

Grand Alpha Funk always deliver an impeccable performance with 100% entertainment and are suiable for all corporate events.

For more information on the Grand Alpha Funk band contact one of our staff on 07 33505078.

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