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Robert Michael Pearson

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Robert Michael Pearson is able to find humour in just about any prop.
A hilarious and interesting performance perfect as the opening to any function or event.
The show is very much a visual comedy style of cabaret complete with music in the routines with no band required - all run from mini disc.
The performance can work without any talking due to it's visual nature and fast tempo throughout with performance times tailored to suit from 10-60 mins.

Whenever Robert Michael Pearson takes to the stage with his suit case he turns each and every audience into Pandora, curious for what's inside. But no evil spills out from this case just props and the contents of Robert’s wild imagination. Robert transforms the stage into a one-man circus, sharing the creative contents as a huge video screen directly behind him and well-timed classic & classical music punctuate his every thought.

Frenetically running back and forth on stage, the audience is constantly left wondering what he'll be doing next.

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