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An Audience With Frank Spencer

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What would happen if Frank Spencer, that well-meaning but ‘Incompetent’ ‘Inept’ ‘Infuriating’ and ‘Injury Prone’ man, loved by millions around the world had his own stage show? . .
Between the years 1973 – 75 and for the final time in 1978 the hit TV series ‘Some Mothers do ‘Ave ‘Em’ delighted the UK viewers to the tune of 20 million per week . Such was the characters memorable impact that Frank’s best known catch phrases are still use today, ask people who knew the show what was one of the famous lines from the show and they’ll probably say ‘The cat did a whoopsie in my beret’ or ‘Oh Betty’.

When asked “Why dedicate a whole show to the character?’. Comedian & impersonator Robert Pearson said ‘Most people over the age of 45 know who Frank Spencer is , I used to do a little bit of Frank in my own show and it got the biggest laugh’. ‘ So one day while writing new material I thought ‘What would happen if Frank Spencer had his own stage show?’.
The show is called ‘An Audience with Frank Spencer’ with Robert Pearson as ‘Frank Spencer’ & George Harvey as ‘The perfect straight man’ . With crazy routines, stunts, hilarious dialogue & great music, with special guests Billy Connolly, Sammy Davis Jnr, Dean Martin & Forrest Gump, this show is bound to raise your spirits and have you laughing. This is a wonderful tribute to a legendary character , you can still see the original series staring Michael Crawford on Foxtel’s UKTV.

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